Camp Imagination | June 5-9

This session will buzz with excitement as we take our cues from some of our beloved Eric Carle books sure to inspire inquiring minds. The children will explore the magic of the outdoors on our own Trinity River and Play Gardens. The anticipation of daily exploration in the mysteries of animals, rocks, insects, birds and reptiles will excite the children as they go through this weeklong session. Our senses will allow us to seek out animals, hidden coves, waterfalls and vegetation. The children will also learn about nature, plants and insects through the literature of Eric Carle. 

Dinosaur Romp | June 12-16

Join this session for a roaring good time as we take our cues from Jane Yolen’s beloved dinosaur stories. Her stories will inspire the children to think outside the box and imagine what our world would be like if dinosaurs were here today! The children will become paleontologists hunting for fossils, bones and hidden artifacts in and around our school. We will be trekking to the Trinity River to make paleontology come alive as we implement the tools used to recover fossils. This session will be filled with dinosaur facts and tracks!

Rangers to the Rescue! | June 19-23

This session the children will use their imaginations and creativity to become heroes in our own community. Kinderplatz will grow and become a community with our own heroes and heroines as we create our city out of large boxes. The children will learn the importance of cooperation, responsibility, lending a helping hand, and kindness. These virtues will guide us in our busy hero filled hometown. Our imaginations will soar as we become the real life heroic characters of our Kinderplatz community.

Join the Hand Jive | June 26-30

What little busy hands do! Al Perkins and his book Hands, Hands, Fingers, Thumbs will ignite our imaginations as the children use their hands for creating, playing, dancing, and discovering the world around them. The children will be inspired by our Wall of Heroes mural of hands depicting creativity with endless possibilities. They will dance with ribbons and scarves in the Music room and explore new sounds with different instruments. In Creative Play the children will learn activities that help grow strong social skills through self-regulation activities. They will learn to recognize and express emotions in constructive and caring ways.

Splish Splash | July 3-7

Back by popular demand, comes the long awaited, memorable week where we turn our play gardens into a mini water park with sprinklers, water games, wet sand and a giant water slide. The children will enjoy celebrating and learning about Independence Day and what it means. They need to come slathered in sunscreen with bathing suits on and water shoes. This will be a wet and wild week that everyone will remember forever!

Imagination Island | July 10-14

This session will be inspired by favorite tales of pirates, princesses, knights and dragons. Pirates will explore the oceans, princesses will be saved from the dragon by brave knights, fairies will dance, giants and trolls will be defeated and more. The children will dance to music that will inspire their imaginations, act out stories in Creative Play, create masterpieces in Art, and learn to talk like a pirate and more. There will be oodles of dress ups and props to spark our creativity, as we become fairies, princess, or pirates. We will walk the plank, search for buried treasure and follow treasure maps discovering anything we can imagine on our way to Imagination Island.

Kinderplatz Construction Zone | July 17-21

This session the children will build, build, build! Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel will inspire children’s imaginations to create structures from a plethora of building materials. They will use Legos, magnet tiles, constructagons, wooden blocks of all sizes, boxes of all sizes, found art, sticks, logs and more to create together. Their imaginations will go wild as they think “outside the box” during this creative architectural session.

Dr. Seuss Is on the Loose! | July 24-28

During this session the children will enjoy exploring the world of Dr. Seuss and The Cat in the Hat. In Creative Play the children will cook with Dr. Seuss and use recipes taken from the cookbook, Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook.  In the Art room the children will be inspired by the artwork from Dr. Seuss books and create their own illustrations with many different media. In Language Arts/Math/Science the children will work on rhyming words and create their own silly Dr. Seuss inspired stories. During this fun filled session the Cat in the Hat may appear and cook some of his special recipes each day.

Kids in Space! | July 31-August 4

It’s time to get lost in space! The children will explore the solar system becoming astronauts and scientists exploring our galaxy and beyond. The children will learn about the science of space exploration and stargazing, pretend to travel to space, and explore new worlds and beings.  They will learn about the planets through Gustav Holst’s work, The Planets, and become a living solar system using their bodies, scarves, ribbons and props.

Full STEAM Ahead | August 7-11

"All Aboard" for and exciting week as we travel full STEAM ahead through science, technology, engineering, art, and math at Kinderplatz of Fine Arts! The children will discover math in art and art in math as well as experiment with engineering skills through building with different materials, creating patterns and learning the science of architecture. The children will search for patterns, designs, shapes and math through architecture and the natural world around us.

Mad Science | August 14-18

The beloved stories of The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and The Magic School Bus will inspire the children’s participation in wild and crazy, fun filled experiments sure to expand their thinking in every direction! There will be planned experiments in Science, Art, Block Building, Fix-It Areas and Evaporation Investigation Stations. Our goal is to cultivate curiosity and inspire children to become innovative thinkers.

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Let’s Go Camping with Curious George | June 5-9

Join us for adventures in camping. There will be tents, cooking, s’mores, singing songs around the campfire and hikes around the Trinity River and Nature Reserve.

Dino Discovery with Curious George | June 12-16

Journey with us to the days of the dinosaurs. During this session, toddlers become paleontologists and dig for dinosaur bones, make fossil replicas and dino prints, chisel dinosaurs from ice and practice our roaring and dinosaur dancing.

Zoo Roar with Curious George | June 19-23

Adventure with us to the Zoo! We will learn about wild animals and those who take care of them in our zoos. We will have fun learning animal facts and even become the animals with costumes and face paint.

The Big City with Curious George | June 26-30

Discover life in the Big City with us! We will build our own city with boxes. We will erect buildings and name each one. We will uncover different jobs within the city and act them out in our city. Wait for the name of the city (only your children can determine what it will be!)

Splash with Eric Carle | July 3-7

Our Kinderplatz gardens will be transformed into an exciting waterpark! We will have splash pools and water toys. We will turn our bodies into human paintbrushes, make sandcastles, chalk paint outdoors and we will explore ocean life through Mr. Carle’s books.

Exploring Bugs with Eric Carle | July 10-14

We’re going on a bug hunt! We will explore different insects through the eyes of Eric Carle. We will get buggy in our art and sensory play. It will be a buggin’ good time.

Cooking Pancakes with Eric Carle | July 17-21

Calling all chefs! During this session, we will put on our aprons and chef hats! We will cook pancakes, have tastings and make pretzels. We will explore the world of food using the books of Eric Carle.

Stars and Moons with Eric Carle | July 24-28

We will let Eric Carle usher us to space in this adventurous session! We will read about space, make spacey art and pretend to be astronauts while we blast-off this week!

Green Eggs and Ham with Dr. Seuss | July 31-August 4

If Sam I Am can try new things then so can we!! We will act out this Dr. Seuss favorite and try new foods during this session of discovery. We cannot wait to see if we discover any new tastes our tongues like! Let us know of any allergies, please.

Celebrating You with Dr. Seuss | August 7-11

We will learn all about our bodies with different Dr. Seuss books. We will learn about teeth, feet, hands, fingers and thumbs! We will learn in playful ways what’s good for others and us and what’s not so good for us physically and emotionally!

Wacky Week with Dr. Seuss | August 14-18

Join us for this week of wackiness! Do you want to come to school in your jammies? Crazy hair? Crazy socks? This is the week for you! We cannot wait for you to see all the funny stuff that will happen this week! There will be a special surprise in store for you each day!!

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