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Welcome to the Kinderplatz alumni page! We cherish our past and current students because you carry on the Kinderplatz legacy once you have graduated. Staying connected and in touch with our past students is very important to us and this page is dedicated to you and what you have been up to since your time at Kinderplatz!

This page includes alumni feature stories and pictures. Enjoy this page for reminiscing, reconnecting, and receiving news on alumni family businesses. 

Sharing memories can bring joyous nostalgia, so that's also why we would love for you to fill out your information if you are one of our Kinderplatz alumni or have current or past students at the school.
We would love to know:
  • What you or your child has been up to since your time at Kinderplatz
  • Memories from your time at Kinderplatz and you now!
  • Photos of you at Kinderplatz
  • If you and your child both went to Kinderplatz, photos of your time here!
  • Family or owned businesses around Fort Worth to share
*We will ask for consent before sharing any stories to our website
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