Below are feature stories of past alumni! This page is dedicated to the students who have walked the Kinderplatz halls and left their mark. Everyone has made a difference here! As a Kinderplatz alum myself and a current assistant teacher now, I have the rare pleasure to work with the teachers who taught me and continue to make a difference every day. I get to reminisce on memories of my time here and have realized the importance of alumni connection within schools.

We thank you all for your support,

Alli Wilson 

Kinderplatz class '99

Alumni Liaison 
Social Media Coordinator 
Current Toddler Assistant Teacher

Elena, Emilio and Elisa Harth-Bedoya  

Class of ‘07, '10 and '12



Meet Elena! Elena sung in four choral ensembles at Paschal and also played Varsity Tennis. With high academic awards throughout high school, Elena graduated from R. L. Paschal in May 2020 and got accepted into UT Austin, SMU, UNT and Baylor. She enjoys music and is pursuing a Bachelor degree in

Music Education and Choral conducting

at Baylor University. She still loves to 

draw and paint since her time

at Kinderplatz!

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Hello Elisa! Elisa will be starting high school at R.L.

Paschal this fall with a love for sports. She is a gymnast,

plays volleyball, basketball, soccer and jumps hurdles in

track and field. Along with being active, Elisa loves to sing, play piano and guitar. She is also the queen of

TikTok and keeps in touch with some of her

Kinderplatz friends!

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Meet the brother, Emilio! Emilio is entering 11th grade at R. L.

Paschal with a gift in math and science. With a love for baseball,

Emilio played the Junior Varsity team's only catcher last year and

will be playing on the Varsity team this upcoming year!

Emilio also loves music like his sisters. He plays the cello, attended

the Fort Worth Youth Orchestra for one year and was even invited

back to Kinderplatz to play for one of the music classes!

Emilio is a professional fisherman and enjoys fishing anywhere

in Texas and around the world.

He would like to either be a Neurosurgeon or study

Bio-Engineering in college. Emilio has maintained some dear

friends from Kinderplatz who have become his “brothers”.

What an awesome family, and we can't wait to see what things you 

will do!

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Marshall Young III 

Class of ‘98




Meet one of our alumni, Marshall Young! 

Marshall and his sisters Carlson and Griffin both

attended Kinderplatz and have really grown since

their time here! 


Marshall was in the All Saints’ Episcopal School’s class

of 2012, and attended TCU. After school, Marshall

and his now wife, Kathleen Young, lived in

Denver, CO for a few years before coming back to

their hometown of Fort Worth to get married in 2019!

Marshall has always been interested in music, and is

a skilled guitarist and singer. He often

gets together with his good

friends who also are musically

talented and they put on

performances around Fort Worth! 


Along with working for his dad at

Marshall R. Young, Operating, LLC,

Marshall also co-hosts a podcast

called Cat of Many Colors with his

cousin Sherman, where they interview

local, up and coming business

owners around Fort Worth. 

Not only does Marshall have

memories and history at Kinderplatz,

his wife Kathleen is now a current

assistant teacher at Kinderplatz

making her own memories here.


Check out Marshall’s podcast on Spotify and his Instagram where you can follow any news about future music events!

Griffin West, Marshall’s younger sister is living happily married in San Antonio, and their older sister, Carlson Young, is an actress in Los Angeles. 


Always special to see where every alumni goes in life! 



AJ and Audrey Deem

Class of '12 and '14



AJ will be starting high school at Trinity

Valley in the fall and at 5'11", he is taller

than both his parents! AJ loves math and

anything related to a ball - football,

basketball, tennis and golf. His favorite,

though, is tennis and he may try to attend

college to play!

He and his dad have great bonding

time traveling to various tennis

tournaments around Texas.

He has been able to maintain some

of his earliest friendships with fellow

KFA alumni, some of who are in his

graduating class of 2025 at Trinity Valley.





Audrey is about to finish 6th grade and also attends Trinity Valley.

She continues to have an inquisitive mind, loves math & science, and is

still particular about her clothes--loves “athletic” and “comfy” clothing

styles! Audrey has tried every extracurricular activity

under the sun including gymnastics, basketball,

volleyball, competitive dance and soccer.  

She too has aspirations

of playing college

soccer and

the team she currently

plays for has traveled

to several

state tournaments this

year. Audrey also keeps

in touch

with some of her fellow

Kinderplatz classmates! 

Such talent, and thank you 

for sharing your story!