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For more information on giving opportunities contact:


Karen Bennett

Executive Director

817-207-0660 tel

Community Partners


Community partners underwrite our weekly curriculum topics. If you are interested in partnering with us, please contact the main office.

Annual School Fundraiser – “Bidz for Kidz”


This is the school's primary fundraiser held annually in the spring. The event hosts a dinner with live and silent auctions. The children participate by creating masterpieces of group art that are featured in the live auction along with unique pottery pieces decorated by the children featured in the silent auction. Other traditional items offered are child parties, teacher parties and class baskets. The funds raised by the event are used to cover annual operating expenses, equipment purchases, teacher training, etc.

You Can Be Part of the Difference


This video and its accompanying music were created and composed by Kinderplatz alumnus, Xander Rodzinski. Xander was drawn to both music and film from a very young age. Coming from a musical family, he began taking piano lessons at age 5 and composing only a few years later. At 15, he started seriously studying composition and conducting, and decided that he would merge his passions of music and film into a career as a film composer. While a student at the University of Southern California, Xander interned with Oscar nominated and Grammy winning film composer James Newton Howard. Xander has scored over 30 projects including films, shorts, and commercials and is credited on films such as Snow White and the HuntsmanThe Hunger Games and Concussion.

Capital Campaign Donors


Thank you to these generous donors who helped make our dream of a permanent home a reality!

ANGELS ($100,000 and up)


The Bass Foundation

Vicki S. and Edward P. Bass

Lee and Ramona Bass Foundation

Amon G. Carter Foundation

Cass Edwards and Colleen Edwards Geren

Huckabee & Associates, Inc., Christopher Huckabee, Sr. Vice President

Sid W. Richardson Foundation


VISIONARIES ($75,000 – $99,999)


GUARDIANS ($50,000 – $74,999)

2000 Kinderplatz Parents’ Organization

DREAM MAKERS ($25,000 – $49,999)

M. J. and Alice S. Neeley Foundation

Rosalyn and Manny Rosenthal

Skip, Amy, Hunter ('93), Scott ('94) and Charlie ('96) Smith in memory of Andrew Tran ('93)

Dr. Michael and Janet Stanley in honor of Mary Ellen Stanley ('93)

Web Maddox Trust


SEERS ($15,000 to $24,999)

1999 Kinderplatz Parents’ Organization

Anonymous in honor of Beth Rodzinski

Paulos Foundation

MIRACLE WORKERS ($10,000 – $14,999)

Dr. and Mrs. John Conway

Garvey Texas Foundation, Inc.

Harold and Toni Gernsbacher

Kelly, Hart & Hallman, P.C.

1998 Kinderplatz Parents’ Organization

Rozanne and Billy Rosenthal in honor of Ashli (’86), Ben (’88), and Maddie (’89)

Russell and Linda Smith

TORCH BEARERS ($5,000 – $9,999)

Michelle and Stephen Coslik in honor of Avery (’00) Coslik

Ken W. Davis Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Alan Hurschman in honor of Derek Mahinay-Hurschman (’98)

1997 Kinderplatz Parents’ Organization

Leo Potishman Foundation

Trish and Robert Ritter

William E. Scott Foundation


MENTORS ($3,000 to $4,999)

Marsia and Calvin Blackwell

John and Marsha Kleinheinz

Kim and Mike McGartland

Richard, Beth, Juliana (’96) and Alexander (’99) Rodzinski

FOUNDATION BUILDERS ($1,000 to $2,999)


Sarah ('97) and Rachel (’99) Aboukhair

Casey (‘00) and Alec (‘02) Barnette

Madi Bass (’00)

Julie and Bill Behr

Drs. Hisham and Dima Bismar

Ann and Tom Blakeney, Jr. in honor of Claire DeJarnett (’99)

Marvin and Laurie Blum

Matthew ('96) and Evan ('94) Brewer

Carli Capps ('96)

Nicco A. (’00) and Nina (‘03) Ciancarelli

Van Cliburn

Avery Coslik (‘00) in honor of Ms. Griggs, Trant, McMillen, Zawadzke, Ritchie

Mr. and Mrs. William Cowan, Jr.

Sydney Darrow (’99)

Cari and Bill Davis, Jr.

Katrine Menzing Deakins Charitable Trust

H. Anderson Dollahite, Leslie Tatum and the Dollahite Boys

Jim DuBose and Tori Adams in honor of Anna (’95) and Jamie (’96)

Bruce Elleman, Sally Paine, Anna ('99) and Steven ('00) Elleman

The Frost National Bank

Marilyn Gilbert in memory of my parents, Clayton and Zoe McNabb

Richard Henderson and Victoria Prescott

Charles and Toni Horn

Robin and Chris Huckabee

Joan and Howard Katz in honor of Lori Katz ('88)

Debra Kowalski

Mary Potishman Lard Trust

Tom, Mary, Katherine (’98) and Jack (’01) Livingston

Kathy and Philip Lubrano in honor of Joseph Lubrano (‘00)

Michael and Alicia Manson

Haley (’96) and Shane (‘01) Markwardt

Ashley ('92), Allison ('95) and Hunter (’99) Marrow

Carter and Eddie Martin

Brad and Jan McConnell

Paula McMillen

Kirk, Marian and Carter (’98) Millican

Tom Oil Moncrief, Jr.

S. Mark Nicholls

Christopher Norville (‘00)

Walter and Sheila Owen

John, Cindy, David (‘00) and Daniel (‘02) Penn

Nina and Edwin Petty

Monty and Alice Phillips

Drs. Eugene and Carolyn Quist, Erik ('96) and Marissa (’98)

Ray and Mayme Richie-Gillespie

John and Anne Settle in honor of Hailee Settle (’99)

Dr. Gregory and Sherry Smith and Family

Chris and Shannon Tabor

Doug and Teddi Wiggins in honor of Sam Wiggins (’00)

Charles W. and Elizabeth Yeargain

Mr. and Mrs. Marshall R. Young, Sr. in honor of Callie ('96)

Marshall (’98) and Griffin (‘00) Young

Wanda Zawadzke


CARETAKERS ($500 – $999)

Sam (‘99) and Jack (’01) Bergamini

Melanie Boyle in honor of Emily Ann Boyle ('97)

Bill and Wendy Buechele

Kamryn (’00) and Ellee (‘02) Conway in honor of the Toddler Teachers

Danny and Judy Corbeille, Courtney (’93), Christopher (’95) and Chandler (’98)

Mary Dambro (’96)

Richard and Anne Davidovich

Ashley (’94) and Jenna (‘00) Dillin in memory of their brother Colby Dillin (’96)

Bob, Gay and Kristi (’98) Donohoo

Brian and Caressa Esenwein

Jim and Marie Gallman

Alexander (’99) and Spencer (‘02) Gates

Alix ('96), Davis (’97) and Eric Gustafson

Craig, Ellen, Paul and Rachel (’95) Hamilton

Craig, Tammi and Owen (’98) Hollingsworth

William Hyry (’01)

Sarah Khavari (’99)

Kevin and Danica Knight

Mark, Mary Margaret and Jordan (‘98) Laney

Gary and Janet Melton

Katherine and Warren Moody

Steve and Susan Morrell

Susan and John Morris

Casey Niblett (’99)

Dana Y. Ritchie

The Ritter Critters – Robin, Anne (’95), Emily (’96), Erick (’99)

Gail and Seymour Roberts

Mark Scott

Craig (’98) and Andy (’99) Shook

Martha and Phillip Slover

Danny, Jamie and Katie (’00) Stroud

Adam (’00) and Aaron (’02) Tapper

Trammell Crow

Union Pacific Resources Co.

Dr. Robert Young and Dr. Lydia Luna

Gift in memory of Colby Dillin (’96)


GROUND BREAKERS ($100 to $499)

Gavin Behr (’00)

Alexis Blackwell (‘00)

Charles and Susan Bleil

Ben ('91) and Matthew ('95) Blum

Levi (’98) and Mac ('97) Bohanan

Melanie Brown

Bryant Buechele ('96)

Claire Buechele (’99)

Bob and Jill Butler

Lindsay ('91) and Casey ('92) Daniel

Sydney Darrow (’99) in honor of KFA Teachers and Staff

Rajesh and Michele Davda

Jeff and Beverly DeJarnett

Alec ('87) and Alyssa ('93) Disharoon

Darby Dodson (’99)

Larry, Debbi, Katherine ('94) and William ('97) Easterling

Fred and Betty Edwards

Cole (’90) and Ben (’94) Eppstein

Susie and Lee Finley to honor Emily (‘99) and Arden (‘00) Leggett

Detra Flatt

Michael and Jan Flynn

Dr. and Mrs. C. H. Gillespie

Phillip, Edie and Presley (’96) Hall

Erin ('90) and Ashley ('88) Hayes

Alan, Jerri, Curtis ('96) and Clayton Headrick

Kit Herrmann ('92)

Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hochberger

Laurie and Howard Kelfer

KFA in memory of Betty Utter, KFA Board President Emeritus

Alexandra Lakota (‘01)

Dr. and Mrs. Shields Livingston

Mark Macina

Michael (’04) and Alex (’98) Manson

Josie (’02) and Edward (’04) Martin in honor of Mrs. McMillen and the Toddler Teachers

Nancy Edwards and John Maruszczak

Lyle Mayeaux in honor of Taylor Mayeaux (’91)

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. McAdoo in honor of Patrick (’00)

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick L. McAdoo in honor of Adam (’03)

Rick, Kristen, Patrick (’00) and Adam (‘03) McAdoo

Ryan ('96) and Natalie (’00) McGartland

Kim and Mike McGartland in honor of the Toddler Staff

Christopher Melton (‘99)

Jeffrey Merrell (’98)

Carol and Richard Minker in honor of Melissa (’79) and Scott (’81)

Ariana Mikayla Mohr (‘00)

R. Bruce and Catherine R. Moon

Roslyn Muller in honor of Sam (’99) and Jack (’01) Bergamini

Richard and Jane Neville

Victoria Nicholls (‘99)

Lauren and Scott Norville to honor KFA Teachers

Mike and Kim O’Connor

Courtney L. Owen (‘02)

Taylor M. Owen (’96)

Andy and Robyn Padgett

A.M. Pate, Jr. Charitable Trust

Fred, Caron and Cody (’98) Patton

Anne Marie Pettinato (’98)

Jonathan ('89) and Patrick ('91) Polenz

Kathryn Ofelia Raper (’99)

Katie Raper (’99) to honor KFA Teachers

Breck ('93) and Peter ('97) Ray

Nan and Hal Ray

Daniel Rhea (’93) and Samuel Rhea (’97)

Jeanne and Robert Ritchie

Francesca Roberts (’99) to honor Debra Griggs

Shelby Roberts (’99) to honor Paula McMillen

Trey (’91) and Chase (’96) Rutherford

Mr. and Mrs. J. Scott Sadler in honor of Trey and Chase Rutherford

Barbara Sample to honor Emily Sample (’94)

Dr. and Mrs. James Savage

Joseph Sheppard IV (’00)

Max Smith ('97)

Max ('97) and Madie (‘02) Smith

Bob, DeeDee, Bobby (’00) and Courtney (’03) Stack

Bonnie Sudderth

Jessica (’92), Samantha (’94) and Stephen (’97) Tetirick

Keith and Joni Van Meter

Peyton Watson (’98)

Danny, Sally and Clayton (’02) Wheeler

Kevin ('95), Andrew (’99) and Christopher (’99) White

Shirley S. White in honor of Kevin ('95), Andrew (’99) and Christopher (’99)

Keith and Susi Whitworth

Alexandra Abbott Wilson (’99)

Dr. Susan Wynn, Stephen (’93) and Michael (’89)

Gabrielle Yeargain (’98) to honor KFA Teachers

Griffin Young (‘00) in honor of Ms. Griggs, Trant, McMillen, Zawadzke, Ritchie

Susan Young to honor KFA Teachers

CHERUBS (up to $99)

Lynn Akers

Eli and Ravit Ankory

Anonymous in honor of Bob, Janie, Katherine, Lillian, and Noah Anderson

Erin Barrera

Jim Bleil ('97)

Michael and Kari Breen

Nancy Cotton

Nibedita Das

Claire DeJarnett (’99)

Lory Dixon

Darby Dodson (’99) in honor of KFA Teachers

Perry Ginsburg ('97)

Douglas Grady in honor of Wanda Zawadzke

Ralph J. Green in honor of Kevin ('95), Andrew (’99) and Christopher (’99) White

Debra Griggs

Dr. Peter Heilmayr

Karen Henderson

Julie Ingouf

Dr. James A. Johnson

Gordon and Julienne Jorgenson

Jan Lackey

Mary LaRue-Clark

Collin Knight (’00)

Lorelle Knight (’98)

Claudia Lawhon

Carol Lucas

Stephen Maizlish, Joyce Goldberg and Rivka Maizlish ('93)

Cheyenne ('97) and Dakota (’98) Martz

Pam McCoy

Tammi McCoy

Paula Medford

Marcie Melton

Kristy Morgan

Christopher Morris (’98)

Courtney Morris (’03)

Jonathan (’98) and Lauren ('95) Newman

Lexie Norris ('95)

Steve and Kelly Percifield

Bev Pratt

J'Anzia M. ('85) and Josiah J. Pullam

Roxanne Robinson

Charlie Smith ('96)

Kevin and Amy Smith

Kim Smith

Alla Stefanski

Laura Thomas

Ross Van Meter ('97)

Max Wade (’98)

Mandy West

Jacob Wheeler (’99)

Mia Wiegand ('95)

Teresa Woodard

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