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Ages 2 Through Kindergarten Completion
and Elementary Camps for Children Who Have Completed Grades 1-3
Nature Camp for Elementary Students  |  June 7-July 2

We will have four weekly outdoor Nature Camps for children who have completed grades 1-3!

The Wonders of Water

I Spy the Great Outdoors

Clearing the Way
June 7-11

We will explore the great outdoors and focus on Trinity River life, water, water creatures and more.

June 14-18

We will explore the great outdoors and focus on the wonderful things that live and grow in nature.

June 21-25

We will explore the great outdoors and focus on stewardship from taking care of our earth to caring for plants and animals.

Bugs, Spiders & Worms,
Oh My!
June 28-July 2

We will explore the great outdoors in search of all the weird and wonderful insects and creatures we can find.

Summer Sessions ages 2-Kindergarten Completion |  June 7-August 27

Quiet Week: Fun in the Sun!

June 1-4

All day students only

Nurture Nature Camp

June 7-11

Children will learn to love and respect nature while hiking, exploring and playing outdoors.

Caring Corral Camp

June 14-18

Children will learn the lesson of empathy and caring through the caring corral.

Game On Camp

June 21-25

Children will learn the lessons of fairness, taking turns, good sportsmanship, winning and losing through physical games and board games and more.

Express Yourself Camp

June 28-July 2

Children will explore creative expression through the arts including art, music, dance, storytelling

and more.

Splash Camp

July 5-9

Children will enjoy splish-splashing outdoor water play games and more.

We Are the World Camp

July 12-17
We will take our cues from the Olympic Rings as we explore the songs, art and games of other lands. We will learn about culture,
diversity and tolerance. 

Mother Goose Camp

July 19-23

Children will learn about personal respect through Mother Goose rhymes, games and activities.

Big Idea Camp

July 26-30

Children will learn about inventors, scientists and people who had

big ideas.

Mystery Camp

August 2-6
Children will have fun discovering facts, fiction, myth busting and mystery solving.

I Can Be a Hero Camp

August 9-13
Children will discover the traits of heroes and heroines and learn what
it takes to become one. 

Finding Your Spark Camp

August 16-20
Children will learn to plug into their superpower within by deciding who and what they want to be each day.
All day students only.

Quiet Week: Favorite Things

August 23-27