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Fine Arts Education Careers!

Summer Internships Available


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A Tradition of Excellence at Kinderplatz of Fine Arts

What is Kinderplatz?


Kinderplatz of Fine Arts is a complete preschool designed for children ages two through five years.  Since 1979, Kinderplatz has nurtured new generations of musicians, artists, poets, actors and scientists— global learners who think about our world in more profound ways. We believe that children learn best when they are very young, they learn best by doing, and they learn best when they are enjoying themselves. The school’s philosophy is simple: create a stimulating atmosphere and children will respond by being creative.  In Music, children play instruments, sing folk songs, dance, and strengthen motor skills through Dalcroze Eurhythmics and Orff music making approaches.  In Art, children explore a variety of world masterpieces, media and processes while using their imaginations to express their ideas.  In Language Arts, children build literacy
and language development using Montessori phonics and exceptional children’s illustrated literature, journaling, and story writing.  In Creative Play, children role play real life skills through pretending, make-believe, and storytelling—performing beloved nursery rhymes, folk stories, musicals, and original plays.  In our Outdoor Classroom, children examine flowers, plants, and trees in our gardens and trails and harvest fruits and vegetables as they experience the changing seasons.  Children discover native insects, birds, and reptiles while exploring hills, tunnels, and spaces for singing, dancing, and creating art in nature.  At KFA, the fine arts are at the heart of everything we do.

What is Imaginarium?


Our discovery-based summer camp program is designed around weekly interdisciplinary themes that allow kids to flex their creativity and have lots of fun! At KFA, kids are encouraged to take risks, be adventurous and imaginative in their play. The summer internship program is a special opportunity for local college students interested in music, visual arts, theater, dance and nature to gain practical experience teaching young children as they prepare for a career as a fine arts educator.

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