Thank you Arthur Murray Dance Studio for sponsoring our Dance & Music curriculum this week!



Kinderplatz of Fine Arts is a unique preschool that utilizes the arts as a creative approach to whole child learning. 
We provide an environment that strengthens social and emotional intelligence and helps students achieve a mastery of academic and problem solving skills, all of which lay a strong foundation for future success.
We are devoted to excellent beginnings for young children utilizing the arts in early childhood education. It is our vision to ensure the long term stability and growth of our school by maintaining excellent teachers, providing exceptional education through the fine arts, and educating and supporting our future societal leaders. 
We seek to create a paradigm shift in our society that focuses on prevention of societal problems through quality early childhood parent and teacher education programs.  We are pursuing collaborations with expectant mothers, young parents, educators, pediatricians, obstetricians and those who wish to invest their resources in quality early childhood education and best practices for parents and teachers. 
We can make this vision a reality through the collaborative efforts of those who value the youngest and most impressionable-our children.

Kinderplatz of Fine Arts

2701 Riverglen Drive

Fort Worth, TX 76109


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