Dear Kinderplatz Families,
We hope everyone is enjoying the last few weeks of summer! Kinderplatz has finished another amazing year of summer camps and is excited to begin a new school year.
As we excitedly, and perhaps a little anxiously, await the start of our school year, our KFA Staff and Administration have been working diligently to plan a healthy and safe environment that will allow a return to many of our cherished Kinderplatz traditions. The Administration and Board of Directors have reviewed public health guidelines as they pertain to KFA, consulted with medical resources, and have reviewed the policies and procedures of other area schools in order to come to the best decision for our Kinderplatz students, teachers, and community. After a thorough discussion of all the options available, the Board voted unanimously to begin the school year with the following policies and procedures in place:
  • Masks for students will be optional and up to individual discretion.
  • Upper School students will rotate classrooms per the normal KFA curriculum, with strict sanitization protocols observed in each classroom between rotations.
  • Masks will be required for all adults, including staff, inside the KFA building.
  • Parents will be allowed the choice to come inside the KFA building for the first week of school with their child, after which we will return to the carpool procedure of drop off / pick up observed at the end of last school year. This one week will serve as a trial period, thus allowing the Administration and Board of Directors to assess exposures and properly mitigate any risk to our students and teachers.
  • The carpool lane in front of the Lower School will remain open in the first week for those families wishing to continue the use of carpool drop off.
  • Kinderplatz will continue to follow the policies and procedures in our parent handbook for illnesses.
These policies and procedures are intended to be evaluated at the end of every month by both the Administration and the Board of Directors and will be modified as needed based on the information available.
In addition to the guidelines above, each family is expected to perform a wellness check on their child prior to arriving at school each day. If a child has any signs or symptoms of illness, or a temperature of 100 degrees or more, keep him or her at home and call the child’s pediatrician. Remember that giving fever reducing medication prior to entry of the school only masks symptoms and puts other children and staff at risk. Children must stay home if they are not well!
Our intent is for Kinderplatz to balance proceeding with caution in order to protect our children, families, and staff with continuing the long standing traditions and strong community of KFA. 
Kinderplatz of Fine Arts Administration & Board of Directors