What Happens if Someone Gets Sick?

He or she will be sent to the isolation room immediately where the teacher will stay with him or her until you are able to pick up your child. You will need to provide a doctor's note to return to school if your child had any symptoms on the COVID-19 checklist.

If we have a diagnosed case of COVID-19 we will report it to you and our local health department. The health department will instruct us on necessary quarantine and/or school closure.

PowerPoint Presentation for Families

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Dear Parents,

The staff of KFA have been busy preparing the school for the safest environment possible for your child. You can find the full CDC Guidelines and Governor Abbots Guidelines for Re-Opening Childcare in the links below. We will follow these guidelines as long as necessary.

Open Texas Checklist for Child Care Centers

Open Texas Checklist for Families

CDC Guidance for Child Care Programs

Additional Safety Measures
  • We are limiting the amount of people who enter the building. All staff, children and any necessary visitors will be screened prior to entering the school.

  • Children will wash their hands when entering the classroom and visitors will sanitize/wash upon entering the building.

  • We will take temperatures before nap time.

  • We will not have rotating classrooms until the pandemic is over. There will be no mixing of groups, morning or afternoon children. Everyone will have a self-contained classroom.

  • Each group has its own team of four teachers—two a.m. teachers and two p.m. teachers. We may add more if enrollment grows.

  • Classes will be divided into two groups within the classroom with a divider in between.

  • Classes will have separate play times outdoors. Everyone plays within his or her own groups.

  • Families will be providing their own child's individual snacks and lunch. We will not be able to refrigerate any lunches, so please put a freezer pack in any lunch that needs to be cooled.

  • We will celebrate birthdays without food items.

  • Gloves are not mandatory; we will use proper hand washing and antibacterial soap.

  • Teachers will wear masks. The children do not have to wear masks. If you prefer for your child to do so that is fine. We will make certain they keep them on if this is your preference.

  • We use Pure & Clean sanitizer/disinfectant in spray mist bottles. It is environmentally safe and child friendly and is on the EPA's List N of disinfectants approve for use against COVID-19.

  • We will have a window open and more ventilation in the building.

  • We will teach proper hand washing throughout the day as part of our routine.

  • We will sanitize frequently touched surfaces several times per day.

  • Kinderplatz of Fine Arts requires a security code for front entry and gates.

  • All classrooms and outdoor areas are under video surveillance.

  • All teachers are trained in recognizing abuse and neglect.